MEDICAL RELEASE FORM In the event of illness, medical emergency, or injury occurring to my child while under the care of (babysitter or other caregiver), I consent for appropriate fire department
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Hi, my name is Andrea Orta Mashbum, and today I'm going to discuss medical release forms from babysitting. Typically, when babysitting, it's not going to be a necessity to have a medical release form. Medical release forms are a little bit tricky and sometimes you might have to inquire the help of a lawyer, so I would suggest that, if your watching a child or children for long periods of time, it's okay to have medical information. A Mom and Dad, or the parents, or guardians provide you with a little medical documentation. For instance if a child has asthma, make sure you know any illness the child may have, as well as the medication that he takes. Also, it might be a good idea to have Mom and Dad make a copy of their insurance cards, front and back. Along with the copy of the insurance card, make sure that Mom and Dad can write a very short letter, simply stating that you are babysitting their child, and in case of an emergency, you have the right to seek medical attention. With the medical information, the copy of their insurance card, as well as the documentation of any illnesses and medication, have them put it in a location that all of you agree upon. You may want to place it in an envelope and simply put it on the refrigerator, or leave it in an area on the kitchen table, that would be readily available in case of an emergency. So, remember, be dependable, be safe, and always be on time.